Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey

"To serve so others can live"

Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey Mission Statement

  1. Promote excellence in search and rescue among Agencies, Organizations and Teams within New Jersey;
  2. Educate the police, fire and emergency medical services of New Jersey concerning search and rescue in outdoor settings;
  3. Assist local governments in preparing for and conducting operations to reduce instances of unsuccessful searches;
  4. Cooperate with New Jersey State Police and County Offices of Emergency Management in dissemination of education and information to search and rescue teams;
  5. Cooperate with government agencies and other interested organizations in identifying the needs of search and rescue organizations and planning to meet them;
  6. Foster and promote mutual aid agreements and assistance between search and rescue organizations;
  7. Publicize the existence of search and rescue teams so appropriate resources may be best deployed when a search occurs; and
  8. Promote and conduct public education concerning outdoor recreation safety with a view to reducing the incidence and severity of searches.