Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey

"To serve so others can live"

Our Mission

  • To educate Public Safety Agencies (Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services) and Office of Emergency Management of the crucial points of search and rescue.

  • To assist local governments to reduce occurrences of unsuccessful searches

  • To cooperate with the NJ Attorney General’s Office, NJ State Police Missing Person’s Unit, and County Office of Emergency Management in dissemination of awareness and information regarding search & rescue teams in New Jersey.

  • To cooperate with government agencies and other interested organizations in identifying the need of search & rescue organizations and planning to meet them.

  • To foster and promote mutual aid agreements and assistance between search & rescue organizations.

  • To publicize the existence of search & rescue teams so an appropriate resource may be best deployed when a search occurs.

  • To promote and conduct public education concerning outdoor recreation safety with a view to reducing the incidence and severity of searches.